The Foosball Wizard is not a proponent of having your fantasy draft this early as you haven’t even seen anyone’s training camp or preseason games yet. Nonetheless, as a service to me fans I will be providing you with fantasy rankings for 2010 as early as this June and update them as a I receive more information. To whet your whistles and encourage debate, I present to you the FANTASY QB RANKINGS FOR 2010, AS THEY STAND RIGHT NOW, along with their GUARDIAN ALPACA!!!!!!

Sphinx-like, the Guardian Alpaca vigilantly presides over the fantasy football rankings.

Sphinx-like, the Guardian Alpaca vigilantly presides over the fantasy football rankings.

1 Aaron Rodgers GB
2 Drew Brees NO
3 Tony Romo DAL
4 Peyton Manning IND
5 Philip Rivers SD
6 Matt Schaub HOU
7 Tom Brady NE
8 Joe Flacco BAL
9 Brett Favre MIN
10 Jay Cutler CHI
11 David Garrard JAX
12 Vince Young TEN
13 Eli Manning NYG
14 Matt Ryan ATL
15 Alex Smith SF
16 Jason Campbell OAK
17 Matt Leinart ARI
18 Donovan McNabb WAS
19 Matthew Stafford DET
20 Matt Cassel KC
21 Kevin Kolb PHI
22 Chad Henne MIA
23 Kyle Orton DEN
24 Carson Palmer CIN
25 Mark Sanchez NYJ
26 Matt Hasselbeck SEA
27 Josh Freeman TB
28 Sam Bradford STL

I did not project Jake Delhomme, Seneca Wallace, Matt Moore or Jimmy Claussen yet as I feel those jobs are “up for grabs.” I did not project Roethlisberger yet because I wasn’t sure at the time of the projections how many games he was suspended for.

You have beef with the projections? Leave a reply, The Foosball Wizard will debate with you disagreeing punks!!!!


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