An Alpaca Reacts to Victor Cruz's Third Touchdown

An Alpaca Reacts to Victor Cruz's Third Touchdown

Jets defensive backs It looked like they missed Darrelle Revis, and I didn’t notice Steve Smith on the field for the Giants at all. Antonio Cromartie looked decent in coverage but his poor tackling showed up on the 50+ yard pass to Ahmad Bradshaw. Undrafted free agent Victor Cruz lit up the Jets defense, and looks like a miniature Marques Colston thanks to his excellent body control.

Kellen Clemens – was given a long look during the game, possibly to generate interest in him as trade bait. Although he looked a lot better than Kevin O’Connell he will be due too much money to keep on as a third string quarterback behind Mark Brunell.

Eli Manning – almost got his head knocked off and covered the beautiful new stadium in blood. Fortunately, it was just a flesh wound.

LaDainian Tomlinson showed that he still has some quickness left on a touchdown run that was called back. He’s not as amazingly quick a cutter as he was when he was young, but he is still an incredibly fundamentally sound runner and will make a nice addition to the Jets’ backfield this year.

Brandon Jacobsseemed to be running with authority and not pathetically dancing around like he did last year. Giants fans should hope he keeps this up.

Rhett Bomar – was very impressive in mop up duty, fitting a couple passes into tight spaces, being cool under pressure in the pocket, and making a heady scramble near the end of the game.

Santonio Holmes put some impressive moves on the Giants’ second stringers.

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