provided this image. I gotta say, that's an awesome name for a website.

I’m going to start a feature where I post the dumbest thing I have seen a football fan say on the internet every week. I will usually post this on Wednesday or Thursday, but since I’m starting the feature now, let’s get going!

I found this on the AFC East Blog on ESPN:

Tim Ernest from Ft. Myers, Fla., writes: You elite think-you-know it all, college-educated media people are UNBELIEVABLE! Unless I was misinformed, when I played football the object of the game is to WIN!!! Did the Denver Broncos win in Miami, with the eyes of the ENTIRE world watching, with Tim Tebow, as their quarterback? In case you were too caught up evaluating his footwork or throwing motion, the answer to the question is a BIG FAT EMPHATIC YES!!!!!!!! No matter what you say Tim Tebow is a WINNER! 

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