This guy is as old as Randy Moss, and we know what condition Moss was in last year. Moss is also more talented and didn’t spend the last two years rotting in prison. I knew the old Plaxico was back when he began to opine on what teams were his “top picks” to play for.

Hello, Plaxico. No one cares. You’re an aging receiver who just got out of prison for shooting himself with an illicit firearm. Jerry Manuel, major league sports’ expert on gangsta’-ness would surely note that shooting yourself and going to jail for two years is not gangsta’.

Fortunately, the lukewarm reception he’s gotten from football teams shows that GMs are being smart about Plaxico. Of course, all it takes is one idiot to give him a contract he doesn’t deserve.

Don't think I don't have a gun tucked in my waistband, Bro. That sub sandwich better be here before halftime.

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