Leinart working hard on his quarterbacking in this photo courtesy of (you guessed it) THE DIRTY.

Leinart working hard on his quarterbacking in this photo courtesy of (you guessed it) THE DIRTY.

Matt Leinart looks like a big bucket of fail. His primary skills as a quarterback seem to consist of funneling beer and sharing hot tubs with coeds. Maybe he can be a guest host on Girls Gone Wild when his football career ends?

Vince Young – Well, folks, the bloom is back on this rose. Vince Young looked sharp, focused, and much more advanced as a QB than he has in past years. That’s a good thing, because he’s my starting fantasy QB. The better quarterback in that incredible USC-Texas game is now the better QB in the NFL.

The Titans Defense looks like they have a strong front four, but don’t they almost every year? I can’t even name one of these guys off the top of my head but they were abusing the Cardinals’ first stringers, who, in all fairness, have some new additions that are still developing chemistry with the o-line. Jeff Fisher always seems to put together a strong front four and is one of the best and most unappreciated head coaches in football. Plus, I hear Bill Belichick is jealous of his moustache.

Derek Anderson Anyone who knows me knows that I was talking smack about how bad Derek Anderson was even during his “pro bowl” year with the Browns. He’s always been terribly inaccurate, but that year he benefited from a soft schedule and athletic receivers who could grab his off target throws (Kellen Winslow Jr. , Braylon Edwards… by the way, does Braylon Edwards ONLY catch the ridiculous throws and drop the easy ones?) However, Derek Anderson isn’t so bad a QB once you get past the fact that he can’t hit the side of a barn with a throw. I wouldn’t be surprised if he unseats Leinart for the starting QB role if Leinart continues to lead an anemic offense.

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